Organic crop rotation trial

In Merbitz, the team of the Department of Agronomy and Organic Farming and the team of the Crop Research Unit are currently  preparing a new trial on different crop rotations. It will be installed with the aim of becoming a long-term experiment.

In two main sections crop rotations with different oil crops or legumes will be compared, respectively.
The experiment will imitate livestock-free organic farming for human nutrition.

One main focus of studies will be the sustainability and climate change adaptation of cropping systems. Data acquisition will include e.g. soil fertility, water balance, population of pests and beneficial insects, and the use of sensors, but also economic evaluations.

Currently the area is undergoing conversion to be prepared for organic cropping. The first experimental plots will be grown in the coming years.

Scientific head: Prof. Dr. Janna Macholdt
Head of field trials: Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Look

Aerial view over the Experimental Center Merbitz